Border Creek Home

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Talk about fast...

In one week, all the windows are in as seen in this Sunday, July 16 photo. Evan enjoyed peeking out the windows while we picked up trash this afternoon. He is seen here in the breakfast nook. Notice the windows are the prairie-grid design as opposed to the six-lite panel design. The prairie grid design allows for a clearer view. We love them now!

You can also see the front porch area in this second picture. The window at the top will be the office/computer area and the window on the bottom is in one of the second bedrooms. Evan is sitting on the wall here watching daddy pick up trash.

The final picture is on the second floor with the bathroom in the narrow area on the left, steps, Evan looking out the window. The middle area - away from the balcony - will be Evan's play area which he will need if he keeps getting trains and cars!


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