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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Find the Doors

We have exterior doors!! Evan loved playing the "let's find how many doors" game on Wednesday, Aug. 9. He counted three doors - front door, French doors in the great room, single door to the patio in the breakfast nook. As seen in these photos, mommy is excited too as me and Evan peak through the front door which is still waiting for the middle glass area. And the patio doors are the coolest - the blinds are in the glass, so no cleaning! You can see in this photo that the blind on the right side is open and the one on the left is closed. This French door leads out to the covered patio and is located in the great room below the half-moon shaped window. The other cool feature about the patio doors is that the control for the blinds are up at the top which is nice when you have little, curious hands.

The second project done this week is the wiring for telephone jacks, cable, Internet, lighting, etc. The professional electrician is finished but Tim continues to work when he can, mainly this weekend, on the wiring for the central vacuum, security system and wall speakers in every room. He loves doing that kind of thing - not surprising since it involves his hands like he does in an operating room every day as a nurse!


At 4:35 PM, Blogger Cliff said...

Hey, This is Cliff. Cool Doors, I must say. So you are going to have central vac? What a good idea. I would imagine you'd have to be sure the pipes are adequate, since they will be handling all the dirt from the house. How would you ever clean out the pipes. Just a thought. See ya next time.

At 5:17 AM, Blogger T&D&E said...

Yes, we are going to have a central vacuum. Pipes are especially made for these systems, i.e. smoother inside than regular plumbing pipes. Hopefully they won't clog up but if so, Tim says you would "snake" it.

Thanks for the comment!


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