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Saturday, November 11, 2006

"For the Boys"

"For the Boys" - mail and flooring for home theater/play area.

We know that this picture from Friday, November 10, 2006 might be out of focus but Evan sure enjoyed receiving our first piece of mail. We got four pieces - his magazine, two pieces of junk mail and two pieces that didn't belong to us. The fancy mailbox is required for all houses in the neighborhood.

And "for the second boy," aka Tim, you can see him talking to family about the upstairs bonus area flooring and layout in this Saturday, November 11 picture. One of Tim's many projects on this house is the installation of about 600 square feet of laminate flooring in the bonus room which is serving as a play area, office in the dormer/window area and home theater (where Tim's 100-inch projection screen is going on the wall). Tim also installed the stick-on tile in the bathroom upstairs. Luckily he knows and likes doing all these kind of projects!

After Evan conducted a tour of the house for his Aunt Dawn and Grandmother (seen in the picture), we all enjoyed our first picnic lunch on the back patio. We improvised with no furniture by using towels and the steps - enjoying the breeze and view - on this unseasonably warm November day!

Other happenings this past week were the installation of shelves in the closets; installation of water heater, water filter and outside facuets. The plumber also installed the bathroom sinks and toilets in the two baths downstairs. Electricians finished installing the light fixtures. Finally, we got an estimate on blinds for the 19 windows.


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