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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Hay for Home

These photos were also taken on Thursday, November 2, 2006 - right at dusk. The front yard is now finished with a sprinkler system, grass seed (under the hay), some shrubs and three trees. After much research via North Carolina State University's Horticulture Department websites, we spent a good half-day picking out the shrubs and trees at two local nurseries.

With some help of Evan and Tim, the two landscapers got the yard done shortly after dark on Wednesday, November 1. Once Evan moved the pots, Tim started digging the holes. The landscaper put in the trees while Evan carried the empty pots to the garage. Dianne supervised and Tim continued digging and talking. Then, armed with a flashlight, the landscaper showed Tim how to turn on the sprinkler system by hand. I think Evan was the only one who enjoyed getting a little wet!

This second photograph shows the vinyl railing on the back porch. While more expensive than wood, this will last a lot longer and is easier to maintain.


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