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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Cotton Candy Walls

This week of Sept. 10, 2006 you can actually see some more progress with the insulation here, surrounding the can light holes on the second floor level and the "cotton candy" insulation in the great room next to the master bedroom. Actually, only the master bedroom looks like "cotton candy" because it's pink unless there is a such thing as "lemon-flavored" cotton candy.

After a suggestion from a church friend, Tim and I insulated the master bedroom since it is next to the laundry room and great room with wall speakers. It took us three hours to insulate one room and the professionals finished 90 percent of the insulation in one day!

Tim still plans to insulate the interior walls between the second and third bedrooms, mainly so the crying baby does not wake up Evan in the future. The only insulation left is the kind that needs to blown in on the ceiling/roof which should be done on Monday. After that, hopefully by Tuesday, Sept. 12, the sheet rock will be installed. We anticipate on flooring and cabinetry by early next week.


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