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Monday, November 27, 2006

"Blind" Man

Lucky for us, Chip Conley can really see because he is making sure this blind in the master bedroom works after installing all of them today, Monday, November 27. He is with Carolina Blind Factory in Lexington, NC where the blinds for each window in the house was custom built. What took this company three weeks - including an estimate, measurement, building the blinds and installation - would have taken Tim a couple of months at least, not to mention how long it would have taken us to get the blinds after ordering them. It was well worth our money.

This other photo shows the blinds in the master bedroom. We chose an off-white color to match the trim. After the blinds were installed, it really looked like a home even though it doesn't quite "smell" like one yet between paint touch-ups, water heater and fireplace testing - all of which happened today too.


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