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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Saving Floor Space

Dianne had the idea of built-in cubbies and casually mentioned it to Tim, wishing I had thought of it while we were building the house. It didn't take Tim long - two hours later he had a hole in the wall and a plan in his head.
He had to endure insulation, move a wire and the crawl space but after about 10 days - we have nine built-in cubbies for toys. It is in the play area on one side of the wall, leaving room near the bathroom for a magnetic dry erase board for more play. Now the plan is to get two three-drawer storage cabinets off the floor, leaving more play room!
Stay tuned - Dianne has created a "monster," - Tim has already started another project for the loft area but we're still saving floor space!


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