Border Creek Home

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Signs Everywhere

More people are starting to notice the neighborhood especially with open houses being held on Sunday afternoons. That means that people are walking through the homes during construction which is OK but now people will know that the house on Lot 19 is ours - thanks to our builder. And he even spelled Dianne's name correctly! Dad Tim and Evan look house happy here. What a nice surprise to see on Saturday, June 24 after a long day of packing!

Roof Keeps on Comin'

This first picture taken on Saturday, June 24 shows the roof from the back corner of the house on the master suite side. You can also see the roof extending over the patio, on the left. Our builder warned us and his contracters that this roof is the most complicated one he has ever done but once it is done it will look gorgeous. This second picture taken on Saturday, June 24 is a "bird's eye" view, i.e. triangle roof, from the balcony on the second floor. There will be a huge window on the second-floor level with a view from the balcony to the great room and the backyard.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Scary Second Floor

Evan and Dianne's mom, also known as Gmommy, smile in what will be Evan's playroom area. Behind them is the stairway and to the left is a small room for storage and the garage's roof. Right now, Mommy Dianne is nervous when Evan is on the second floor because the walls are not finished, so it is good that he is holding Gmommy's hand and being still! Dianne will have to get over being nervous because there is a balcony overlooking the great room and a big eye window in the back of the house on the second floor.

First Floor Poses

On Sunday, June 18 - Father's Day - Daddy Tim showed off the house to Dianne's mom - Candy. You can see Dianne and Tim standing in the formal dining room - way cool - since we currently do not have one! There's also a bay window in that area. The kitchen includes a breakfast nook. And in the great room is Evan jumping on boards, Tim and Candy who is standing next to the window and the corner where the fireplace will go. Dianne took the picture from the kitchen sink area.

Looking at the Links

Over the last week, I have added a few links to the right, such as the local weather - thanks to Hurricane Alberto. I've also included Coldwell Banker Realty's link about the Border Creek neighborhood which tells you everything. You may also want to know that we are Lot 20 and as of Sunday, June 18, there are 30 houses currently under construction, out of about 113. We anticipate the houses to sell fast so we expect to have neighbors when we move in early October.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Family Checks It Out

Daddy Tim's family comes once per week to visit Tim's mom and this week, Tuesday, June 13 - Tim's first cousin, Gina, (blue shirt) and Tim's Uncle Don (between cars) wanted to check on the progress of our home. Tim's Aunt Vera (blue pants) and Gina's daughters came too! Gina and her husband are building a 6,500-square-foot/four-story home on Lake Norman.

You can also see the blue sky through the roof truss in this Saturday, June 17 picture.

Roof and More Roof

We have had a slight delay this week because of rainy weather due to Hurricane Alberto, but you can see the roof going up in these two pictures from the front of the house and the three-door garage. These pictures were taken on a very hot and sunny Saturday, June 17.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Back and Front

The walls for the second floor continue to go up in these Sunday, June 11 photos. The photo with the brick in the front is the front of the house and you can see the window for the upstairs bathroom above the front door area. The master bedroom on the right is visible from the back photo of the house - the one with the dirt piled up, making the covered porch less visible. You can also see the dining area in the bay window area on left and a tiny bit of the second floor in the house next to our house.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Going Up

You can see the walls to the second floor going up in this Wednesday, June 7 picture. This view shows the master bedroom on the first floor to the left and the three-car garage on the right. Yes, the three-car garage is probably every man's dream but daddy needs a place for his 1964 Mustang convertible, also known as, "the mid-life crisis" car! :) Let's just say the car has kind of grown on mommy and Evan LOVES it!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

See All the Way Through

This Thursday, June 1 picture shows the front door with the front porch (where brick is). You can also see the window in one of the second bedrooms. From the front door, you can see all the way through the house to the back patio which will be covered and run across almost the entire back of the house, a great place for family and friends to be together!

If These Walls Could Talk...

...who knows what they would say - maybe "come live in me!" Here, on Thursday, May 25, we can already see the walls for the first floor from the corner of our lot. From left to right in the picture, you can see the garage-entrance door which goes into the laundry room; then in the middle of the picture is the front door and to the far right are bedrooms two and three.

We Are Dancing

We obviously are not dancing here, but you can see the "Johnson Three" - Daddy, Mommy and Evan. We are standing in what we think is the great room on Sunday, May 21. We are having the house built on a crawl space which means that beneath the dance floor are the floor trusses and then the crawl space filled with rocks. We are putting the heating system in the crawl space and we are having the house wired to hopefully install a central vacuum someday (YEA, from Mommy)!

Foundation already

What a cool Mother's Day present on Saturday, May 13! We can already see the foundation here from the driveway (where rocks are). We used Stoney River brick from Pine Hall Brick. It is a lighter brick than your typical brown/red brick. You can see lots of the brick from the side yard (on left).

Boys and Footings

The "boys" check out the house plans and footings on Sunday, April 30. From left to right is Daddy Tim, Brother Daniel and youngest of the boys, Evan. Daniel is in the Navy so he won't be living in our dream home. Tim thinks they are standing in the dining room.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Three Generations on Dream Home Lot

It's Evan, Gmommy and Mommy standing on our dream home lot in northern Davidson County, outside of Winston-Salem, NC, USA.

We are a family of three (Gmommy doesn't live with us) and we are having our dream home built. The floor plan is atypical of Border Creek community because all the bedrooms are on the first level and the second floor will be a huge bonus area for playing, exercising and entertainment.