Border Creek Home

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Borders Everywhere - A Year Later - Part 2

In our old home we avoided putting up wall borders and paper and the only room we painted was Evan's, but that is not the case in this home.

We have borders everywhere, thanks to Tim. He spent Christmas 2006 painting the boys' rooms. Evan's is blue walls, red trim with airplane wall decals and three airplanes hanging from the ceiling. Eric's room is aqua/green walls, under the ocean ceiling border with sea animals hanging from the ceiling.

There's also the race car bathroom complete with orange cones, race car shower curtain and race car ceiling border and soon race car (Cars movie) bathroom essentials like a toothbrush holder. The boys' bathroom serves as the guest bathroom so many visitors have enjoyed "hurrying" their visit.

Dianne is enjoying her mosiac dolphin ceiling border in the master bathroom. And since we're talking bathrooms, the third bathroom is seashells including a sea shell mirror - no wall border though.

Of course any home is a "work in progress," so we still have several things we want to do like making good use of wall space in the loft play area and finishing a patio with a dolphin fountain in the backyard.
Stay tuned - there's always more!

A Year Later - Part 1...

Still here, in our dream home. There is not one thing we would change about it which is an awesome feeling! We moved in on Dec. 2, 2006.

We have some updates. First off is the yard. As with any new home, it takes awhile to establish a yard (it took a good three years in our old home). So, we invested in Zoysia sod which Tim has spent several weekends putting in - many thanks to our neighbors and Steve's Landscaping employees who helped him. Not all of it is in but we're waiting until Spring now to finish it.

Also in the yard are two new structures. Tim has started on a 12x14 storage building. He also completed earlier this year the playground for the boys. The playground has been quite popular not only with Evan but with other neighborhood children as it is one of few in the neighborhood.